With the knowledge and know-how; to serve you better Engelhardt Enterprises can handle the jobs that most turn down!

Worms & Worm Gears

Single Thread Hardened & Ground Worm, with Fly Cut 48 inch P.D. Worm GearEngelhardt Enterprises has the ability to fly cut Worm Gears, therefore we are able to cut any Pitch, Pressure Angle, or Number of Starts. We make our own tooling, and complete the most difficult Worm & Worm Gear projects in 1 or 2 weeks.

Internal Ring Gears
Internal Gear Shaping with up to an 18" Face Capacity can solve those difficult gear needs. Internal Ring Gear with 14 inch face

Metric Helical Anti-Backlash Gear Assembly

4140 Steel Nitride Hardened Helical Anti-Backlash Gear Assembly

Engelhardt Enterprises can manufacture your Metric Gears & Components from print specifications, or Reverse-Engineer from worn samples.

Sprockets, Helical Gears, & Pinions
Fabricated 60 inch Pitch Diameter Sprocket with an 8 inch faceWe can recondition your worn fabricated gears. Your Spur, Sprocket, Helical, or Herringbone Gears can be re-cut, or re-rung.
This way, on large gears; where the material cost can be significant; we can complete the project for less, and save time! Reconditioned Helical Gear & Pinion

Gear Box Repairs & Reconditioning

Reconditioned Double Helical Design Gear Box

Engelhardt Enterprises can handle the complete project of Reconditioning your existing Gear Box. Whether, Herringbone, Helical, or Spur Gear design; we can get you back up and running in the shortest possible time!

Spiral Bevel Gear Sets
Metric Spiral Bevel GearsetEngelhardt Enterprises can manufacture SPECIALTY type gearing like Spiral Bevels or Spiroids.

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Last modified: January 13, 2006